My Favorite Antiques

When asked to write an article on my personal favorite antique piece I at first thought it would be a fairly simple matter, just pour over my relatively small collection of items that aren’t ever going to be sold and pick one. In practice however, it proved to be much more difficult.

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The Image of Santa Claus: A Meeting of Minds and Myth

The evolution of the image of Santa Claus may be a somewhat off topic for an antiquing web-zine dedicated to antiques but collectors of antique images, books, and prints will hopefully find the information illuminating and of substantial value in enjoying their hobby. However, the real reason for writing this article is that I . . . → Read More: The Image of Santa Claus: A Meeting of Minds and Myth

Sheffield Plated Silver

Long before the electroplating process was discovered less expensive Sheffield plate was the only alternative to manufacturing with sterling silver. Although a dated method, Sheffield plate is still made today and is regarded as somewhat superior to electroplating.

Two things contributed the primary ingredients that led to the development of plated silver. The . . . → Read More: Sheffield Plated Silver

Barbie Doll – A New Ideal For A New World

Once upon a time in 1950’s USA the wife of a toy manufacturer suggested to her husband that what little girls needed was a doll they could pretend to be adults with. The woman was Ruth Handler – mind you, she was not just his wife, but also his business partner in their . . . → Read More: Barbie Doll – A New Ideal For A New World

Colonial American Pewter: The Danforth Family

Few names associated with American pewter carry the clout, rooted in long tradition, of the Danforths of Connecticut. From the middle of the 18th century and for a hundred years the Danforth family produced many of the finest pewter flatware and tankards produced in America. Even today, after a lengthy break in the . . . → Read More: Colonial American Pewter: The Danforth Family