My Favorite Antiques

When asked to write an article on my personal favorite antique piece I at first thought it would be a fairly simple matter, just pour over my relatively small collection of items that aren’t ever going to be sold and pick one. In practice however, it proved to be much more difficult.

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Sevres China Marks Part II: 1810-1850

In our last installment of our growing catalog of porcelain marks we covered some of the marks of the Sevres China manufacturers of the late 18th century. Today’s list covers the first half of the 19th. This list is far from complete but you have to start somewhere. Be sure to check back . . . → Read More: Sevres China Marks Part II: 1810-1850

Sevres China Marks

The best china pieces to come from the famous Sevres region of France were made during the second half of the 18th century. It is widely held that the quality of Serves porcelain began to drop just before 1800.

Not to suggest that Sevres china from after that are junk; far from . . . → Read More: Sevres China Marks

Depression Era Glass

A corner of the American Collecting Mania Hall of Fame must be preserved for Depression Era glassware. Few trends in collecting have enjoyed the massive of popularity of the glassware made for the American market from the beginning of the Great Depression and the start of World War II. At a time of . . . → Read More: Depression Era Glass

Josiah Wedgwood Part II: Queen Charlotte’s Potter

Once Josiah Wedgwood ended his partnership with Thomas Whieldon and struck out on his own his career began to truly hit its stride. The shop he rented from his uncles, the Ivy Works, was soon too small to hold his expanding business.

Wedgwood turned out innovation after innovation. The plates, pots, and . . . → Read More: Josiah Wedgwood Part II: Queen Charlotte’s Potter