Antique Table Glossary

As a help to novice antique collectors we offer this beginning to a series of brief glossaries. The first edition pertains to some of the types of tables often referred to in antique collecting reference books. Sometimes antique books, particularly older ones, are insufficiently illustrated and can be quite confusing to the uninitiated.

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Antique Glossary: Firearms

As intrinsically pleasing and attractive on visceral level as antique weaponry is, if you want to collect them or evaluate grandma’s collection you have to know a fair amount of jargon. Understanding the basic description of a gun sold on Ebay or similar online auction will help the fledgling arms collector make a . . . → Read More: Antique Glossary: Firearms

Antique Glossary: Cleaning Agent Basics

Some antique collectors, novice ones anyway, are foolhardy enough to simply grab a rag and whatever cleaning product might be handy and tear into the bentwood rocker they just bought. Most are wise enough to do a little research before mangling a newly purchased piece.

Today’s glossary pertains to various chemicals and . . . → Read More: Antique Glossary: Cleaning Agent Basics

Porcelain and Pottery: How to tell the difference

When considering buying a bowl or antique vase one important thing to know is whether the piece is porcelain or pottery. While only experience will enable you to do this quickly and with complete accuracy there are some simple things the novice collector can do to help make sure that they get what . . . → Read More: Porcelain and Pottery: How to tell the difference

Antique Glossary: Pests and Rot

It is an unhappy fact that to be a knowledgeable antique furniture collector you have to be well informed about a number of unpleasant things. Various form of rot, stains, and insects all compete to be the first to destroy a beautiful antique chair or table.

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