My Favorite Antiques

When asked to write an article on my personal favorite antique piece I at first thought it would be a fairly simple matter, just pour over my relatively small collection of items that aren’t ever going to be sold and pick one. In practice however, it proved to be much more difficult.

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Preserving and Storing Antique Books

In the opinion of a number of book collectors we have gotten worse at carry and storing antique books in the last century. In a culture in which we have grown accustomed to advances of every kind this might seem absurd but they have a point. A number of modern factors have contributed . . . → Read More: Preserving and Storing Antique Books

The Rules of Antique Book Scarcity

There are many factors that contribute to the value of an antique book, manuscript, or map. Amongst them are age, of course, condition, scarcity, and trends in interests. A book that possesses some of these qualities but not others might still be valuable but it is likely compromised in the eyes of the . . . → Read More: The Rules of Antique Book Scarcity

Antique Roadshow

This article originally appeared on our good friend’s at New England Antiquing website.

The apparent benefits of the very popular PBS television series Antique Road Show to the hobby and business of collecting antiques are numerous and seemingly unmitigated by any downsides. Now in its eleventh season, Antique Road Show is arguably the . . . → Read More: Antique Roadshow