Sevres China Marks Part II: 1810-1850

In our last installment of our growing catalog of porcelain marks we covered some of the marks of the Sevres China manufacturers of the late 18th century. Today’s list covers the first half of the 19th. This list is far from complete but you have to start somewhere. Be sure to check back as we will be adding more marks soon.

sevres mark 1810-1814
(1810-14) A rather pompous mark, stamped in red in use from 1810 until 1814.

sevres mark 1815-1824
(1815-24) A common mark from 1815-25. Nearly always stamped in blue.

sevres mark 1824-1829
(1824-29a) One of several marks used by a Sevres china maker from 1824 until 1829. They are usually stamped in blue.

sevres mark 1824-1829
(1824-29b) In use from 1824 to 1829. As above, but the number at the bottom is the year of manufacture.

sevres mark 1824-1829
(1824-29c) Same as the one above but less common.

sevres mark 1824-1829
(1824-29d) Another from the same Sevres manufacturer. Used from 1824 to 1829.

sevres mark 1829-1830
(1829-30) A Sevres mark used only on gilded china from 1829 through 1830. Very rare.

sevres mark 1831-1834
(1831-34) A mark in use from 1831 through 1834. The number below the word Sevres tells exact year of manufacture. In this case 1834. Normally stamped in blue but gold is common as well.

sevres mark 1834
(1829-30) (1834a) A mark in use from 1834 through the century.

sevres mark 1834-1848
(1834-48) A mark in use in Sevres from 1834 until 1848. A rare use of a green stamp.

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