About Collectible Antiques Etc

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Thank you for visiting Collectible Antiques Etc. Our site is the combined efforts of a small group of antique aficionados, freelance writers, and a web designer. We live in New England and Texas, both are fertile grounds for American and European antique hunting ground. We wanted to turn our habitual garage sale and auction haunting into something productive. This site is the product of that desire

It is our goal to provide interesting as well as informative article and resource for the novice and experienced collector. Our personal interests lean towards furniture, porcelain, and antique firearms but hope to gain experience and knowledge of the entire spectrum of antique collectibles.

Collectible Antiques Etc. invites our readers to suggest resource links and to contribute articles if they wish (you can add a link to your website if you wish if you contribute an article). As our site grows we will be adding advertising for antique stores and resource sites. If you wish to contribute a resource or are considering advertising please contact us at