Antique and Replica Swords: Part 1

It is not difficult to understand the appeal of collecting swords and similar military antiques. For thousands of antique collectors nothing has the drama and romance of blades. Few symbols of the past have the same psychological impact of swords and similar collectibles. This is the first of a few articles on the . . . → Read More: Antique and Replica Swords: Part 1

Antique Katana: The Samurai Sword

Before the 8th century Japanese swords were indistinguishable from those made in China. The earliest swords recorded in Japanese history were a pair created in china and given as a gift to the queen of Japan, Himeko. The gift was presented to her in about 240 AD and the greater gift on the . . . → Read More: Antique Katana: The Samurai Sword

Antique Table Glossary

As a help to novice antique collectors we offer this beginning to a series of brief glossaries. The first edition pertains to some of the types of tables often referred to in antique collecting reference books. Sometimes antique books, particularly older ones, are insufficiently illustrated and can be quite confusing to the uninitiated.

. . . → Read More: Antique Table Glossary

Buying Antique Jewelry: A Very Inexpert Guide

I combine a number of characteristics that should make it illegal for me to buy antique jewelry. I’m impulsive, I simply adore art deco or too often things that look like art deco, I know practically nothing about gemstones, I’m far from wealthy, and hate being taken advantage of. These traits, taken as . . . → Read More: Buying Antique Jewelry: A Very Inexpert Guide

Antique Glossary: Firearms

As intrinsically pleasing and attractive on visceral level as antique weaponry is, if you want to collect them or evaluate grandma‚Äôs collection you have to know a fair amount of jargon. Understanding the basic description of a gun sold on Ebay or similar online auction will help the fledgling arms collector make a . . . → Read More: Antique Glossary: Firearms