My Favorite Antiques

When asked to write an article on my personal favorite antique piece I at first thought it would be a fairly simple matter, just pour over my relatively small collection of items that aren’t ever going to be sold and pick one. In practice however, it proved to be much more difficult.

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Antique Bottles and Patent Medicine

It is not surprising that antique bottle hunting is particularly popular in the southwest of the U.S. The activity of finding long disused garbage mounds, digging up, and cleaning old bottles is much like prospecting and so deeply ingrained in the make up of the populations of New Mexico and Arizona. Hours . . . → Read More: Antique Bottles and Patent Medicine

Antique Paperweights

In the modern age of paperless files, easy printing and, cheap paper it is easy to dismiss paperweights as a useless desk accessory meant only to add a little color to the workspace. However during the “golden age” of paperweights they were extremely practical.

At a time when producing a document meant writing . . . → Read More: Antique Paperweights

Prurient Porcelain: Nudes and Ribaldry

Every visual art medium from wood carving to painting, from textiles to mosaics, will sooner or later be used to glorify the human, usually female, form. Ceramics and porcelain are certainly no exception. Despite an inaccurate modern association of china with grandmotherly tea rooms and the height of propriety there have always been . . . → Read More: Prurient Porcelain: Nudes and Ribaldry

Antique Roadshow

This article originally appeared on our good friend’s at New England Antiquing website.

The apparent benefits of the very popular PBS television series Antique Road Show to the hobby and business of collecting antiques are numerous and seemingly unmitigated by any downsides. Now in its eleventh season, Antique Road Show is arguably the . . . → Read More: Antique Roadshow