Depression Era Glass

A corner of the American Collecting Mania Hall of Fame must be preserved for Depression Era glassware. Few trends in collecting have enjoyed the massive of popularity of the glassware made for the American market from the beginning of the Great Depression and the start of World War II. At a time of . . . → Read More: Depression Era Glass

What is Pewter?

The pewter beer pot is to many the most recognizable symbol of American household antiques. It is difficult to picture several of the founding fathers without one in their hand. Of course, pewter has been used to make a great deal more than colonial era drinking vessels. The dull gray but strangely compelling . . . → Read More: What is Pewter?

China and Ceramics: Assessing The Damage

It is a simple fact of antique collecting that if you want an item in perfect shape you’re going to pay top dollar for it. Many people just beginning to collect are driven to distraction and sometimes to abandoning their desire to acquire antiques of any kind, ceramics in particular because the only . . . → Read More: China and Ceramics: Assessing The Damage